PBP(Possession, Behaviour, Presence) for Coaching

I read 'The Basics of Coaching' to learn about Coaching. I got the viewpoints of PBP(Possession, Behaviour, Presence) by reading. They are important viewpoints that a Coach should have for understanding clients.

  • What should my client get?
  • What should my client do?
  • What should my client be?

A Coach is required to communicate with clients while thinking something like that.

In this article, I'll organise my learning about the outline of Coaching from this book with the viewpoints of PBP. Just for information, this book also says the details of Coaching, some practical cases, and so on.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a process to support clients to get skills, knowledges, stance necessary for achievement of their goal and take action through numerous dialogue. The goal of Coaching is that clients achieve their goal, realise self-growth, and get ability to control themselves and adapt their roles.

What should I get for Coaching? (Possession)

  • Three viewpoints

    • Possession
    • Behaviour
    • Presence
  • Seven Communication Skills

    • Listen
    • Pace
    • Question
    • Acknowledge
    • Feedback
    • Propose
    • Request

What should I do for Coaching? (Behaviour)

  • Coaching Process
    1. Setup
    2. Clarify a client's goal
    3. Clarify a client's current situation
    4. Analysis cause of gap between the client's goal and current situation
    5. Make an action plan for the client's goal
    6. Follow up

What should I be for Coaching? (Presence)

  • Have a dialogue with clients interactively to expose their unconscious.
  • Keep in touch with clients to take them closer to achieving their goals steadily.
  • Provide clients with individualised Coaching.

この1冊ですべてわかる コーチングの基本

この1冊ですべてわかる コーチングの基本