How to spend the period from 6th until 10th years for learning?

I've read Learning from Experience, and summarize how to spend the period from 6th until 10th years for learning based on what's written in this book.

What is the period from 6th until 10th years for learning?
It's said that I have to have at least 10 years of experience to achieve international great results.
In the period from 1st until 5th years, I get various basic knowledge and deal each problems. The work performance is low. My lack experience, and I have no choice in the action plans.
In the period from 6th until 10th years, I become independent, and senior. I use all experience I've gained until then, and I can make better action plans. I change my viewpoint from separate to holistic.

What should My stance and environment be?

My stance is a matter of individual. I should have faith in customer-orientation and goal-achievement-orientation. In other words, I should have self-respect and curiosity, take a risk, and accept criticisms by others.
My environment is a matter of organization. I should be a member of a organization that is dedicated to the "Customer is first" policy and the members compete with each other for their knowledge and action. The environment strengthen my own faith.

What should I do?

I should do challenging tasks like the below.

  • inexperienced tasks
  • tasks to generate change
  • difficult tasks

In the process of doing them, I can learn from my boss and acquire high skill or knowledge.

What should I learn?

I should learn three skills and one knowledge.
First, customer management skill.

  • how to communicate with customer.
  • how to understand problems customer has.
  • how to deal with troubles with customer.

Second, group management skill.

  • how to clarify a objective of project.
  • how to direct group members and share information.
  • how to clarify the order of priority and determine.

Third, conceptual skill.

  • how to find problems.
  • how to solve problems.
  • how to think logically.

Finally, official knowledge.

  • what my business is.
  • what my using technique is.
  • what the setup of organization is.